Friday, February 4, 2011

I want to be Holy, set apart for You my Master

Song and lyrics Refiner's Fire

I am new to blogging, bear with me please.

I named my blog Refiner's Fire because that is exactly what my journey has felt like. Listen to the song, view the lyrics please.

Here I will attempt to share how my lifes journey has taken me from devout Catholic, to worldly sinfulness, and back to being a devout Catholic.

My life has been well blessed, there have been some amazing people in my life. There have been difficult times, and lots of suffering.  This is a journey of faith, and the love of being Catholic!

To Jesus, through Mary,
Pax Christi
Mrs. J


  1. I found you! So grateful for our new friendship! Blessings!

    Love from Lisa

  2. I think I have gone through a few similar experiences and probably you are far ahead of me in the journey of being refined in the furnace of the divine blacksmith. It's always a happy thing to meet a fellow traveller who has felt the impact of His blows as well as the tenderness of his caresses.

  3. Thank you! Leila, Lisa and Santhosh,
    How exciting to have "followers" LOL.
    Leila thank you for encouraging me to start the blog, Lisa, thank you so much for helping me have courage to continue after starting it.
    I will say I am nervous, and have a desire to tell my story, yet with the guidance of The Holy Spirit! I do not wish to glorify my sinful error's, however do not want to cause hurt or harm either.
    What I know, is that Our God is an Awesome God! My story is not unique, in that God will always use what He chooses to bring His children back to Him. It is however, "my story," my vision in retrospect, of the awesome Grace that God always was willing to grant me, and the Mercy He is willing to grant to us all.
    God bless,
    Mrs. J.