Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What is it with public comments?

I just have to vent here..... I'm so upset that it might sound like a rant.
This week a police officer killed himself, and the papers reported it at least 5 different ways.  The rude, insensitive comments, the horrible things that were said in the public comment section has really disturbed me!  Who are these people?  What is the purpose of causing such harm to the family, co-workers and friends of the deceased?
Then there are the comments on the NCRegister page regarding the article of Bishop Tobin and his wonderful pastoral piece regarding civil unions. 
All kinds of people claiming to have once been Catholic, or worse, practicing Catholics that want to disagree with the Teachings of Holy Mother Church!  Catholics speaking out against each other?
Maybe I'm old fashioned, wait, what?  When did it become old fashioned to have respect for grieving families? When did it become old fashioned to have some degree of common decency?
Why is alright to go on a Catholic news paper and write the most ridiculous comments?
I fear that Satan has truly found his niche, and once upon a time I was part of it.  Between relativism, and the homosexual agenda, people are being led to perdition!
I will share one of the posts that I made in the NCRegister in another blog post.  It shares some of my journey.  However, the more I walk my journey, faithful to the teachings of Holy Mother Church, the more I question what this world has come to!!!!
When I was sick in bed, without visitors, save the visiting nurses, and rare visit to my family, I watched EWTN 24 hours a day, it was the only TV station I watched, (well, except for watching Aileene's Creative Living, ) and I had no idea how bad the world was changing.  I am more than disturbed by what I am seeing, and urge everyone to please pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet for the Mercy of God, and intercession of His Immaculate Mother.
I know one thing, if I were God....... well, this world would be dust!


  1. Oh, I could not agree with you more!! I am as horrified as you by all of it. It fits in perfectly with my latest post. It is amazing how easy it is to finally see what has happened. But still daunting to see what it would take to bring us back to God and Truth.

  2. Ah, now perhaps you have some better insight why you were led to choose your blog title. There is refining to be done --- perhaps you are meant to help.

    Ever since Christ died there have been people loyal to the Church who somehow get confused, and think the Holy Spirit is guiding them, and them only, into the truth that others can't seem to see. In my area, Detroit, in a few weeks will be a large conference of people who want the Church to be more democratic, so they could vote on and give the Church their wisdom --- and you already know what that "wisdom" is.

    I read a very nice book a while back which described the steps through which one grows in holiness. It explained in a simple way what St. Theresa and St. John of the Cross wrote in more depth. The interesting point was when it describes the highest form of holiness, where a person totally gives themselves over to God: Not my will, but Thy will be done --- and it comes so naturally to them that they don't think about it. The book described some people who it believed had reached that level of holiness, and then mentioned some of the greatest heretics in the Church. It pointed out that one of the weaknesses of man is that he must constantly grow in holiness, and he will never reach perfection in this life. Some of those heretics, men of good will, thought they had reached the ultimate height, and what they willed MUST be what God willed. This self deception, the author explained, is the never-ending temptation of all men, even the most holy.

    So, RF, don't be surprised as you read of such things and such people, even some famous ones. They will always be with us.

    And if you are looking for a more orthodox magazine, you might try Catholic World Report, or for more in depth ecumenical reading you might try First Things.