Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thank you!!!

I can't begin to tell you all how honored I am that so many have read my new blog!  I only recently discovered the page that allows me to track and see the sources of traffic.  Thank you to so many for linking back to my blog! What an honor! I am humbled, and very grateful to you. (Lisa, The,, CredoCatholic, Patheos,, and my new twitter friends!)

I've been struggling with a serious infection the last two weeks, but am glad to say I am well on the way to being mended!  During my illness, I've been reading other blogs, feeling overwhelmed by the welcome's, and realizing that I really want to share my Faith Journey.  If I can help one person, I'll be happy.
Besides needing to catch up on house keeping, and the responsibilities of being a wife, I am also praying on my next blog post. 

Happy Birthday Dear Pope Benedict!, Happy Feast Day St. Bernadette.  Congratulations to AmericanPapist, and TheAnchoress for the invitation to Rome! 

I dedicate this Holy Week to prayer for DD of a Woman's Catholic Journey, and all the other wonderful people coming Home to The Catholic Church at Easter Vigil!  God bless you all.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  I'm so new to this, and excited, not to mention nervous.
Again, thank you all for your wonderful encouragement and support!

A very special thank you to Lisa Graas, who befriended me, and has helped me a great deal along the way.
God bless and Mary keep you!
To Jesus through Mary,
Pax Christi

P.S. Any tips on using blogspot would be great appreciated! (What is a gadget? How do I get them?)


  1. Thank you for your touching and inspirting honesty, Mrs. J.! I ust blogspot and would be happy to answer your questions. You can email me at
    Gadgets are cool little add-ons for your blog, like a blog roll, email subscription link, etc.
    I would be glad to walk you through it. It is pretty simple to do. You should add a gadget for email subsrciption and the RSS feed, so people can subscribe to your blog and get updates automatically in a variety of ways. Hope that helps a little!

  2. Amanda,
    I tried to email you at that address, and it was returned as no such address, can you give me the correct one please?

  3. So sorry, inserted an extra "t"... it is "" or visit me at

  4. So happy for you!! I have been meaning to post your story on my blog under Faith Stories, but like everything else these days, I am a bit behind!

    Blessings, sister!!

    Lisa Graas is awesome. :)

  5. Thank you Leila! What an honor that would be, if not for your wonderful blog, and our emails, I would not have even started Refiner's Fire!

    (I apologize, I should have said that in my post!!!)

    Lisa is awesome!

    Believe me, I totally understand a bit behind, I feel like I'm six months behind, ;-)

    God Bless you Leila,
    Your Sister in Christ, (and blogging, lol)